April 2017 reviews

Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1) by Kristen Ashley


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Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley. I really enjoyed this one! I wanted a good read and a world I could lost myself into. And this is exactly IT! The world is amazing! A big mix between Game of Thrones (literally) and Lord of the Rings. If you like fantasy books/movies and a good long read, this is the book you need! In general, the characters are great, the story quite good and the writing pretty awesome. But, there are some low points that took the fifth star away…


So first, the story.

The book starts with Finnie (Sjofn but no one can really pronounce this name 0.0) is a literal adventure addict. She pays a witch, a powerful one, to switch her with her twin from another dimension for a million dollars! She ends up in a world where she is a princess waiting to get married to a very manly, very “macho’ but very hot man named Frey Drakkar. And now this is pretty much the premise since the rest of the book is the reader following Finnie’s adventure alongside her.

“So here I was, a princess in a frozen world with a very scary yet very hot husband who could really kiss and liked to cuddle.”

I really enjoyed the story personally. It was interesting and the world was a real fantasy world like the ones I like. There are dragons and magic and everything. Who doesn’t like that? Some people don’t… Anyway, the story is quite long! I mean, the only really big action stars at maybe 85% of the book. The rest is just us discovering Finnie’s new life and building romance with her new husband. If you don’t mind stories that tends to explain every actions of their characters . Then this one is for you! If you don’t like long reads with little action and a lot of descriptions. Then DON’T read this book!

The writing is quite great. No mistakes were found (I’m not a good judge in that though, since I speak french) but nothing got in my face. But you have to know that there are a lot, I mean so much descriptions in this book! I found myself sometimes jumping a few lines because they would repeat the exact same thought that I read a few paragraphs ago but in different words. That is maybe the one flaw of the writing… And this is what makes this book so long. But this didn’t stop me from liking the novel. I was ready for a good long read but I get people who said that this got on their nerves. Also, since this book is long, I was waiting patiently for the love scenes (!!!) and I was a little disappointed… The description of a dress was so in depths that I could picture it perfectly in my mind but the love scenes were so, so short! Not so much description and too many uses of ellipses to say that “it” happened. I mean come on!!! So much angst but no relief really… That is a little not cool!

As for the characters! The main ones were really well developed. You could picture them through their actions and their thoughts. In general, they were really easy to love. But the non-main characters are so under-developed. We didn’t know much about them except for the actions that we only learned through the eyes of Finnie or Frey. We don’t get really attached to them much. Maybe I get to love more Finnie’s parents but for the ship crew, I couldn’t even remember their names (because yeah there are a lot of characters!).

Now, Finnie!


She was a great heroine! She was really easy to read and fun too. She was well developed and her reactions were genuine (except for one time where I found that she was really, really stupid for a modern girl living in an fantasy land -_-…) Some may find her a little annoying for she talks like a teenager sometimes (and she acts like one too). Her age is never mentioned though, so for me I just pictured her in 20s, kind of young. So it  didn’t bother me at all! Her love for her husband is kind of really quick. I mean, they hate each other at first but after 1 night, where he is a little sweet, she loves him more and is ready to sleep with him. That was kind of bleuh. But the story is long and so much of their actions are explained that you get their love eventually!

”I love you, Frey. I’m in love with you. So in love, I’ll never stop loving you. Not ever. You, everything about you is beyond my wildest dreams.”

Frey Drakkar! (How cool is that name!?!)

Tristan & Yseult

What a swoony male character! OUF! He was awesome for me. He did one really hateful thing that was hard to forget but eventually you remember that this is ancient time (no cheating fear not!) If you want a manly male character that is so, so protective but still sweet, you got it with this one! He loved her, kind of too fast for my liking, but still their story is quite cute! I mean he calls her “Wee Finnie“, how cute is that!! You get the feeling that they are destined to be together.

“I do not know, my wee Finny, where I came from but I’m beginning to know why I’m here”…
His eyes held mine as his mouth murmured, “She waits for me at windows and buys me dragons. There are reasons we walk this earth, I’m beginning to realize mine.“

The story plays out like a really long romance adventure in a fantastic land full of snow and magic. I was needing something like that after a few disappointments regarding other books. The length and near-absent big action was not bothering me and if you get into this book knowing this, you will probably like it!
Enjoy guys!!



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