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Amour, Amour (Aerial Ethereal #1) by Krista Richie

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I just LOVED this book!! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a good New Adult book and this one falls right into the ‘amazing’ category! The first few pages drew me in instantly. I began reading the book at a hair salon while waiting for my hair to be ready, and when my hairdresser told me to come wash my hair I didn’t wanted to get up.

This is the story of Thora, a gymnast who has landed an autidtion in Vegas for the Aerial Ethereal troup for their show Amour. Going to Vegas all on her own, couch-surfing in order to have a roof and auditioning for one of the biggest show out there, were the most daring things she’d ever done. On her first night in Vegas she meets Nikolai in a club where he dare her to a handstand and the loser has to pierce the other one. Thora loose to him and got her peircing (I’m not telling you where but it’s a hot scene!!) She finally finds out that Nikolai is the lead artist in the troup she is audtionning for. And that is where their story begins.

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It was awesome!! I loved the way Miss Ritchie plays out her scenes! I mean, the first chapter drawn me in like a vaccuum! The writing is great, especially for a new adult book. Most of the times, the new adult genre is falling into the trap of writing in a childish way even though it’s aimed at older audiences. This one didn’t fall into the trap! I could relate to what Thora was saying, her fears of becoming a woman and the idea of freedom she is desperatly searching for. The circus world was something really interesting. I haven’t read alot of books where the action surronds a circus and it was a good experience! I just to point out that Miss Ritchie mentions Le Circle de la Lune which is probably Le Circle du Soleil and I’m not sure if it’s because she didn’t had the rights to use the name or it was a real mistake… Anyway, good nonetheless!

The characters were awesome! Thora was great as a main point of view. Her thoughts were not childish and her decisions were those of a 20 something years old. She was funny and shy at some points and also an avid reader (Like me!) I relate to her alot for her past experiences with boys and her aversion to close contact. She didn’t love Nikolai instantly, there was a building to them even though they were attracted to eachother physically pretty fast. But attraction is not love, just it’s begginning!

Nikolai was a great love interest! Dear God, was he hot!! I’m not going to say too much about him since it might be spoilerish but let’s just say that he is not one of those controlling boyfriend that we hate so much. He is a family man with a good artistic side. He was real gentle to Thora as well as pushing her to do better in her acrobatics!

Nikolai’s family was also great but I thought they were maybe too much characters. I know it’s suppose to show his love for his family but still. The only character I despised was Shay, Thora’s best friend. He is the WORST! I know he is suppose to be sarcastic and straight-forward but this is beyond that. He was harsh and there was even a scene where he confronts her and tells her that she is not good enough and a whore and everything. Who says that to their bestfriend?!? He litteraly the antagonist of the book (even though there is not suppose to be one..) And Thora loves him anyway… He was not my favorite character at all!

Very good read!

Enjoy guys!


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