May 2017 reviews

Wicked (A Wicked Saga #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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I enjoyed this book so much! I am a big fan of pretty much anything Jennifer L. Armentrout writes so I was like ‘I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!!’ (Even though I just find out about it 3 days ago…) It was great mix between a world we usally see in a Young Adult book but with scenes straight out of your favorite New Adult novel. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a young teen book! There are some explicit scenes not suited for a 12 years old. But I have to say that the world reminded me of The Mortal Instruments one, with the fae and magic and stuff. The action was ok, not too big and the romance was great! The characters are awesome sometimes, other times they are annoying (actually only the main character can be annoying!)

This is the story of Ivy, a Fae hunter. In this world, faes are wild creatures who suck on the life of human in order to survive. She is part of the Order, an organisation created to eliminate these creatures. One night Ivy is shot by an ancient, one the most powerful of the Faes. She then teams up with the newcomer Ren to hunt them down and find out what is going on in the streets of New Orleans.

The story evolves with a good pace and the action is well balanced. It’s not a hardcore action book but if you like fights and badass moves, you can find this in Wicked. The writing is great as always with Miss Jennifer. The only thing is Ivy is suppose to be funny in her comebacks and well, her jokes end flat 50% of the time… But if you can bypass that, the writing is great. It’s not juvenile and well suited for young adults. The romance is awesome (mainly because Ren is just swoonworthy…)

Ivy was an ok main character. She was badass in terms of hunting but kind of whiny regarding the rest of her life. The conclusions she comes to with her love interest… I litterally face-palmed myself! I was surprised since Jennifer usually writes great and strong female characters. This one was maybe the only exception…

But Ren was spot on!! He was just this manly and cute man. He was so sweet to Ivy when she was hurt and he took his time with her. It was not insta-love (maybe only insta-physical-attraction!). Their relontionship grew very smoothly. He was a little too protective though… That is his only downpoint.

Val, Ivy’s best friend, was ok. She is not very present in the book but from what I’ve read, she was well-written. The little Brownie Tink was funny (sometines just plain annoying but I think that goes with the character). The secondary characters were fine, they didn’t bother me at all!

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