May 2017 reviews

The Bird and the Sword (The Bird and the Sword #1) by Amy Harmon

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Did not finish… 56%

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This is my third try with a book written by Amy Harmon and the other two didn’t win my heart either. I tried really hard with Law of Moses but I just couldn’t like it all! The characters and the story did not do it for me… Even though the ratings were out of the roof!

I was willing to give a try for this one since it is a fantasy book and I like this genre very much. But like the other books that I’ve tried… This one fell flat! I really liked to first part and the premise. The story is about Lark, a gifted girl with the power to give words to objects and people (the words force them to do what she has told them to!) And in this world, the gifted are chased and mostly killed, because the common people fear their powers. Lark’s mother died while protecting her daughter and forced her to swallow her words and so Lark is now a mute. While cursing the son (Tiras) of the man who killed her, Lark’s mother inadvertatly joined their destiny together. Lark is the only one who can help him…

I mean the idea for the world and the story was awesome! I liked the gifted backstory as well as the fact that they are hunted down (little bit like the X-Men haha!) All the mythology of the story was perfect!

It was the story in itself that lacked… It was just not interesting! While I thought it was boring, I kept reading the book to learn more about the world not the story itself… And when I couldn’t learn anything new, well I gave up! If the story would have been a little more interesting, this book would have 4 stars and more!

The characters tas well were not that interesting… Lark was plain and acted like a child. I know that she was kept hidden most of her life and that she is mute. I just hoped that she would be a stronger character matched with the enormous power she has. I was a little disapointed in her unfolding story (since there was no unfolding whatsoever…) Tiras was ok, just pretty plain. Nothing that extraodinary about him that made me root for him!

Overall the story and the characters could have been a little more developped than it is right now. The world is sooooo interesting and the writing beautifuly done! I just wish there was more to the characters and the story itself. Maybe I’ll give it a try another time, we’ll see!

Enjoy guys!


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