May 2017 reviews

Mayhem (Mayhem #1) by Jamie Shaw

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It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book about rockstars and college people. This one didn’t disappoint! I loved it for the most part of it! I have to say that some things were a little cliché and I did roll my eyes once. But it could have been way worse. In general the story was great and well written and the characters were not stupid (which is very important in a new adult book!)

The story follows Rowan (a.k.a Peach) who just happened to find out that her boyfriend of three years cheated on her. She then decided to forget him by making out with the leader of a band , Adam (Ouuh hot!!) But only for this one night. Rowan then takes the decision to not see him again since her heartbreak is kind of new to her and she doesn’t trust Adam. While in her french class in college, who walks in? Adam of course! And that is where their story of tutoring and cute love begins!

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This is not an insta-love book so don’t worry! Their relationship is building through friendship and lust! The two of them are completely lusty for eachother and some of the scenes were hot as hell. That is a big win! I like love or flirty scenes but lately, I find that they are all the sames… So when a book comes that adds different situations where characters flirt with eachother, I have to give it a star!

Rowan was a good heroine! She was funny (I laughed out loud quite a few times) and she was not those stupid little college girls that take bad decisions! I was scared at one point where I thought she would take a big big bad one, but she didn’t. Her conviction of staying friends with Adam was believable even though she couldn’t deny having a big crush on him. His player side turned her off since her last boyfriend cheated on her. It took a long time for them to give in, which is more likely in real life!

Adam was sooooo cool! The perfect rockstar with a gentle heart! He was not annoying or an complete asshole. He was straight forward to Rowan about who he was and was so cute to her. He called her Peach! (I don’t know why I like that nickname!) He was not your typical rockstar with a big ego. Only a man with a rockstar style and a kind soul to those he cared about. He was good!

Rowan’s friend Dee was so cute too! She was outspoken and all what Rowan was not! Somewhat of a cheerleader who sleeps around and doesn’t really care about a relationship but also an awesome friend! She was not a bi*** and was ready to do anything for Rowan! I liked her bubly personality and her funny side. She was quite loud but not enough to be annoying. The bandmates were also perfect! They were like brothers and even though I wanted to know more about Adam and Rowan’s growing relationship, I didn’t mind the interactions with the band. They were likeable and funny too!

If you are looking for a light and funny love story to read for the summer, this one is good!

Enjoy guys!


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