May 2017 reviews

Full Tilt (Full Tilt #1) by Emma Scott

2 STARS e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2 Did Not Finish 65%…

Alright… This book wanted to be so much more than what transpired through my reading… And that is disapointing! It wanted to be sad and happy at the same time. Heart-wrenching and beautiful all together. An epic love-story and a cute relationship. Well all that fell short! The author was trying so hard to grip the reader with her dying hero (SPOILER) that honestly, I felt like she was forcing the sadness down my throat and so I didn’t feel anything! The characters were so, so blend!

Jonah was supposed to be cute and sweet and all man, but he was just boring and no personnality came out of him. I found myself thinking ‘What a bad hero is this!’ Kacey was no different. She was sdescribed to be bubbly and say everything that came to her mind and that ended up being just annoying!

The story was not well-paced for me. It happened all too fast. No ‘real’ relationship building actually happened. Jonah was just kind ot Kacey and Voila! Love story. Euh no! Doesn’t work that way!

It was just a boring and disapointing read. The book wanted to be so much more but the writing and story did not live to what the author wanted to create. And it showed…

Sorry… Enjoy guys!


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