Ryan’s Bed by Tijan

I crawled into Ryan Jensen’s bed that first night by accident.

I barely knew him. I thought it was his sister’s bed—her room. It took seconds to realize my error, and I should’ve left…

I didn’t.
I didn’t jump out.
I didn’t get embarrassed.
I relaxed.
And that night, in that moment, it was the only thing I craved.

I asked to stay. He let me, and I slept.

The truth? I never wanted to leave his bed. If I could’ve stayed forever, I would have.
He became my sanctuary.

Because—four hours earlier—my twin sister killed herself.


DNF… 25%
I was apparently never a fan of Tijan (having given 2 or 3 stars to her books…)
This one was the same!
The synopsis was so intriguing and I wish that the rest of the book was the same… I mean look a the synopsis!! How good does it sound! Mysterious, you’re in for a dramatic love story right? WRONG! At least for me… Unfortunately, it fell short for me. The writing in the book is way to “high school” for me. I know that the book is suppose to be narrated by a high school girl but her rambling was way too childish for me. Some YA books know how to balance well written sentences and teenage situations so the reader who is older than 17 can read the novel without rolling his or her eyes.
It could have been good but unfortunately it was not for me!

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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) by Jaime McGuire

5 STARSe9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2

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The new Abby Abernathy is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate number of cardigans in her wardrobe. Abby believes she has enough distance from the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by Eastern University’s Walking One-Night Stand.

Travis Maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs—and wants—to avoid. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring, and his days as the ultimate college campus charmer. Intrigued by Abby’s resistance to his appeal, Travis tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month. If Abby loses, she must live in Travis’s apartment for the same amount of time. Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match.

I loved this book!! Even after all these years I find it as good as I did back then! The characters are lovable, the story is well paced and the romance is not the insta-love we are used to read these days.

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Abby was a great heroine, not a stupid girl who falls for the bad boy. It took time and more friendship for the relationship to developp. Her back story was not a dramatic one, which was good! I mean, now every story has a girl with a dramatic background and it’s suppose to add to a character… No. It doesnt. How you write the character and her actions define her, not her past!

Travis was your typical bad boy, tattooed love interest. What I like about him is that he was flawed. He was not the golden boy who changed everything for a girl. He still kept his temper and was a pain sometimes. He was also extremely funny!

The writing was great! I laughed more time than I thought possible. The only part that I found was not as great as I remembered was at the 3/4 of the book where Abby’s father comes into the story. It didn’t add anything in my opinion, it could have been cut and the story would have been great anyway.

Good book! Still recommending it!

Enjoy guys!

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It by Stephen King

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3.5 STARS e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2 (Closer to 4 stars)

To the children, the town was their whole world. To the adults, knowing better, Derry, Maine was just their home town: familiar, well-ordered for the most part. A good place to live.

It was the children who saw – and felt – what made Derry so horribly different. In the storm drains, in the sewers, IT lurked, taking on the shape of every nightmare, each one’s deepest dread. Sometimes IT reached up, seizing, tearing, killing . . .

The adults, knowing better, knew nothing.

Time passed and the children grew up, moved away. The horror of IT was deep-buried, wrapped in forgetfulness. Until they were called back, once more to confront IT as IT stirred and coiled in the sullen depths of their memories, reaching up again to make their past nightmares a terrible present reality.

So I saw the new It movie when it came out, not because I was a big fan of the original miniseries. In all honesty, I find it to be more funny than scary… I praise Tim Curry but, dear God, he was not scary at all. As for the new one, I still didn’t find it scary but there were images that was creepy as well as certain older men characters that gave me the creeps with their liking of underage little girls… Anyway, I liked it! I’m a big fan of movies involving a gang of young people who are misfits and battle agains some evil. The young actors were great! They were likeable and well directed. The new Pennywise was more scary than Mister Curry was, the costume was better (I mean come on, Tim Curry was not a scary clown) and the acting a little less childish, it gave him more depth and creepiness to him. He is also a really hot guy in real life… (Not in the costume!! I mean COME ON!)

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So because of the movie I was more inclined to read the book!

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The book well, the book was different… Not a bad different but different. The major difference between the 2017 movie and the novel is the action doesn’t place in the same era. The movie takes place in the 80s and in the novel, the kids are from the 50s. I thought it was a good change for the movie since people today relate more to the 80s era. As for the novel, the time it took place didn’t add anything or took anything, it was just that. The story was really interesting and some parts were actually creepy. The idea behind the mystic killing clown and the cursed city is amazing and transfer well on paper.

It was my first Stephen King book and I’ve been told that his stories tend to drag a little. Boy, were they right! It is a long novel, close to 1400 pages and I understand why. King loves to describe EVERYTHING!! When the characters were telling their stories, inside the story there would be another story that tells another story… Story-ception! It kinda was not necessary to explain everything that was explained in the novel in my opinion.

As it will probably happen in the next It movie, I pretty I will like more the child part than the adult one. And it is exactly what happens for the novel. I found myself waiting for the next part where it would involved the kids instead of the adults… I found them more likeable to read and more interesting in every aspect.

There were some creepy parts that gave the book it’s appeal for horror as well shock factors.(SPOILERS!!!! The orgy per example…) I was not expecting those scenes and it was a good surprise. I know it’s something that’s suppose to shock the reader and it’s exaclty what it did to me!

In general to book is fine! I liked it for the most part, but was way too long…

Enjoy guys!

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The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay


3 STARSe9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2

“I live in a world without magic or miracles. A place where there are no clairvoyants or shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. A place where people die and music disintegrates and things suck. I am pressed so hard against the earth by the weight of reality that some days I wonder how I am still able to lift my feet to walk.

Former piano prodigy Nastya Kashnikov wants two things: to get through high school without anyone learning about her past and to make the boy who took everything from her—her identity, her spirit, her will to live—pay.

Josh Bennett’s story is no secret: every person he loves has been taken from his life until, at seventeen years old, there is no one left. Now all he wants is be left alone and people allow it because when your name is synonymous with death, everyone tends to give you your space.

Everyone except Nastya, the mysterious new girl at school who starts showing up and won’t go away until she’s insinuated herself into every aspect of his life. But the more he gets to know her, the more of an enigma she becomes. As their relationship intensifies and the unanswered questions begin to pile up, he starts to wonder if he will ever learn the secrets she’s been hiding—or if he even wants to.

The Sea of Tranquility is a rich, intense, and brilliantly imagined story about a lonely boy, an emotionally fragile girl, and the miracle of second chances.”

The story was not okay in some ways and great in other ways.
The positive first ! I liked the premise of the story. It was mysterious and a little different than other YA novel I’ve read in the past. It was more dark, less happy all the time and it portrayed High School life better than other books. High School can be awful and the story showed that side of going through puberty. As for the rest, I found the characters fine but a little bland.

“Daylight won’t protect you from anything. Bad things happen all the time; they don’t wait until after dinner”

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Drew was not a necessity to the story. He was only there to be there. If he wouldn’t have been in the book, I’m pretty sure the story would have been the same. For Josh, he was kind but also bland. His personnality was not easy to grasp since it was not really explained. Finally, for Nastya, well she was something. There were some moments where I found her to be so stupid and others where I found her to be strong. It all depended on her actions. I mean, she’s been through something horrible but the decisions she takes to overcome that and also how she goes through her relationships with the boys was so What The Hell!?!
The love story was genuine but like I said, the decisions Nasty takes regarding Josh is just not intelligent. I was facepalming myself.
In general, the story was too long and dragged on a bit. The premise was original and I did enjoyed the first part of the book.
This is still a 3 stars book for me.

“I wished my mother was here tonight, which is stupid, because it’s an impossible wish.” He shrugs and turns to me, drowning the smile that cracks me every time.
“It’s not stupid to want to see her again.”
“It wasn’t so much that I wanted to see her again,” he says, looking at me with the depth of more than seventeen years in his eyes. “I wanted her to see you.”

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Everything Under the Sun by Jessica Redmerski


3 STARSe9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2

This book was definetely flawed…
The beginning was awesome! It kind of reminded me of the Hunger Games universe; greedy, dark, uncomprising…
Then it got to the middle and flaws started appearing in the story… By the 2/3 of the book, I had given up. It dragged on too much… I mean, it started to look like the Walking Dead (and by that I mean that the two main characters were only moving from one place to another!) Not so fun too read and kind of redundant. Also, the writing was weird. The chapters were told in the two P.o.v. of the main characters but sometines the chapters started like this:

Thais (Atticus)

Bla, Bla, Blah… (Say, Say, Say…)

It didn’t say Bla, Bla, Bla and everything but you get the point!

And that meant that the chapter was told from the point of view of Thais BUT Atticus’ thoughts were also included (WHAT?!?) That was so not necessary!! The thoughts from the other character added nothing to the story or comprehension of it! Nothing except a little cheapness in the writing. I get that it can be seen as different but it was just awkward!
Overall, I’m really disapointed in the book… I loved her other books and never had a problem with her writing. This one fell short for me.

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Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare


4.5 STARSe9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2

I just got myself back into the Shadowhunter world! I’ve read this book a few years ago when it came out and didn’t finish the prequel series. I guess I wasn’t as invested back then or I wanted something different… That period is over now!! I just finished the second book in the Dark Artifices series and wanted to be back into the universe of demons and angels.

I remembered that I loved this series but I was a little weary getting myself back into it again. I knew that the plot had a huge love triangle and I despised those with all of my being! This was not as bad as I thought! The love triangle is not strong in this one (maybe it will be bigger in the next book…) Anyway, I found myself liking it as much as I did back then.


Following the death of her loving aunt, Tessa Gray travels from New York to London to live with her wayward brother. Once she arrives, however, she finds herself drawn into London’s dark side, a world where an uneasy truce between an ancient race of warriors known as Shadowhunters and supernatural creatures called Downworlders allows for the former to hunt down the demons that threaten everyone. Tessa soon finds that she herself is a Downworlder, but no one ever seems to have known one quite like her. Taken in by a group of Shadowhunters residing at the Institute, she meets gorgeous Will, whose snarky humor hides a dark secret, and equally gorgeous (but in a different way) Jem, whose sweetness hides a different dark secret. Chaos ensues after Tessa agrees to use her ability to help the Institute in exchange for them finding her brother.

While reading this one right after Lord of Shadows, I can see that nowadays Cassandra Clare works her character a little better. While Will, Jem, Tessa and the rest were not bad characters at all, I enjoyed their personalities and interactions, the characters of The Dark Artifices do have deeper development as well as a better understanding of their actions. I can see that Miss Clare evolved in her writing over the years. But like I said, the characters here were far from being bad, just different.

I love the steampunk style that she gave to this Victorian London! I love London and England, and I was glad that the story took place somewhere else than America. We can finally see something different than what we are used too. Also, since the story is a prequel it’s interesting to see how the Shadowhunters worked back then. How Tessa reacts to women fighting and bossing around in a period of time where women were suppose to please the husband and keep quiet. Here, they are as strong as the men and take command when time calls.

The story unfolded quite well! It was well written as always and the romance did not overtake the initial story. It was just a nice addition to the plot. The only thing I thought was that the book is too short… I wanted more!

In general, if you like The Mortal Instruments or just the book by Cassandra Clare in general, this one will not disappoint. The love triangle doesn’t bother for now…

Enjoy guys!

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Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2) by Cassandra Clare

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5 STARS e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2

“I need to be whole again. Even if it doesn’t last.”
“It can’t last,” she said, staring at him, because how could it, when they could never keep what they had? “It’ll break our hearts.”
He caught her by the wrist, brought her hand to his bare chest. Splayed her fingers over his heart. It beat against her palm, like a fist punching its way through his sternum. “Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”

And it’s finally here!! I was waiting for that book for so long!! A whole year! (LOL) Still, when it came out I told myself I would read it slowly so to not finish it too early and wait for the final book… That did not happen! I finished it in 4 days… And I was taking breaks to make it last longer. Anyway, I quite enjoyed that one but it was a little different then what I’d expected.


“There is truth in stories,” said Arthur. “There is truth in one of your paintings, boy or in a sunset or a couplet from Homer. Fiction is truth, even if it is not a fact. If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die.”

The story takes place two weeks after where Lady Midnight ended. We follow Emma, Julian, Cristina and Mark (as well as their siblings; Livvy, Ty, Dru and Octavian) as they take Kit Herondale under their wings as a new Shadowhunter. Just as they thought times would be more calm, there comes the students from the Schomolance (Diego’s friends and colleagues) for investigating what happened with Malcolm Fade and find his body. The Shadowhunters eventually find out that newcomers are suspicious and maybe there is more than meets the eye. And so they embark into another long adventure.

The story in itself was great but the middle lacked a little. The beginning of the book was enchanting. We were meeting with our beloved characters once more and I couldn’t wait to learn what has happened after the finale of Lady Midnight. The story started strong! Clearing what has happened in the last book and giving some answers as to some of the questions we may had. The middle part was… Okay I guess. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but a little long for some chapters. There were alot of different point of views in the book (Emma, Julian, Marl, Cristina, Kit, Ty, Diana… To name a few!) And I found myself wanting to skip paragraphs so I could get to the stories I cared more about… Some character’s arcs were not as enticing as some others… But then comes the ending and DEAR GOD what and ending!!! 0.0 I’m still in awe!

The new addition, Kit for instance, were great to follow and interesting. But the main problem with this book is the enormous amount of characters. The Mortal Intrusments had alot, but we followed their stories through the eyes of a few characters. The Dark Artifices does it differently and it can get quite long or even hard to follow. I was into the story of Emma and Julian (obviously) but not that much in the story of Ty…

Cassandra writes beautifully as always and I found myself lost in her intricate descriptions! She is amazing at writing fantastic land and describing fantastical creatures.

Overall, I loved this book!! The way she wrote the story can be compared to City of Ashes, so if you liked this one, you should like Lord of Shadows. (Also if you liked Lady Midnight, you will definetely like this one too!) The next one is scheduled to come out in TWO FREAKING YEARS!! That is way toooo long… I guess I’ll have to wait patiently… Which I’m not good at!

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Enjoy guys



Ok, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something here. Not that long, just a couple of days but for me it is long (:P)

So Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare just came out!!!!

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You guys don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this book… A whole YEAR!!! It’s not that bad but for someone who reads fast and have no patience at all, it’s soooooo long!

Anyway, this book is around 700 pages and I’m trying not to read it too fast, to enjoy it mostly and let the story sink in. So I won’t be posting much until I’ve finished it! Maybe next week I’ll be here again. Since I’m a masochist, I’ll probably finish the book this week-end… And then have to wait TWO FULL YEARS for the other one!

Anyway, I’ll post the review soon!

Big Love!

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Full Tilt (Full Tilt #1) by Emma Scott


2 STARS e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2 Did Not Finish 65%…

Alright… This book wanted to be so much more than what transpired through my reading… And that is disapointing! It wanted to be sad and happy at the same time. Heart-wrenching and beautiful all together. An epic love-story and a cute relationship. Well all that fell short! The author was trying so hard to grip the reader with her dying hero (SPOILER) that honestly, I felt like she was forcing the sadness down my throat and so I didn’t feel anything! The characters were so, so blend!

Jonah was supposed to be cute and sweet and all man, but he was just boring and no personnality came out of him. I found myself thinking ‘What a bad hero is this!’ Kacey was no different. She was sdescribed to be bubbly and say everything that came to her mind and that ended up being just annoying!

The story was not well-paced for me. It happened all too fast. No ‘real’ relationship building actually happened. Jonah was just kind ot Kacey and Voila! Love story. Euh no! Doesn’t work that way!

It was just a boring and disapointing read. The book wanted to be so much more but the writing and story did not live to what the author wanted to create. And it showed…

Sorry… Enjoy guys!

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Mayhem (Mayhem #1) by Jamie Shaw


4.5 STARS e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book about rockstars and college people. This one didn’t disappoint! I loved it for the most part of it! I have to say that some things were a little cliché and I did roll my eyes once. But it could have been way worse. In general the story was great and well written and the characters were not stupid (which is very important in a new adult book!)

The story follows Rowan (a.k.a Peach) who just happened to find out that her boyfriend of three years cheated on her. She then decided to forget him by making out with the leader of a band , Adam (Ouuh hot!!) But only for this one night. Rowan then takes the decision to not see him again since her heartbreak is kind of new to her and she doesn’t trust Adam. While in her french class in college, who walks in? Adam of course! And that is where their story of tutoring and cute love begins!

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This is not an insta-love book so don’t worry! Their relationship is building through friendship and lust! The two of them are completely lusty for eachother and some of the scenes were hot as hell. That is a big win! I like love or flirty scenes but lately, I find that they are all the sames… So when a book comes that adds different situations where characters flirt with eachother, I have to give it a star!

Rowan was a good heroine! She was funny (I laughed out loud quite a few times) and she was not those stupid little college girls that take bad decisions! I was scared at one point where I thought she would take a big big bad one, but she didn’t. Her conviction of staying friends with Adam was believable even though she couldn’t deny having a big crush on him. His player side turned her off since her last boyfriend cheated on her. It took a long time for them to give in, which is more likely in real life!

Adam was sooooo cool! The perfect rockstar with a gentle heart! He was not annoying or an complete asshole. He was straight forward to Rowan about who he was and was so cute to her. He called her Peach! (I don’t know why I like that nickname!) He was not your typical rockstar with a big ego. Only a man with a rockstar style and a kind soul to those he cared about. He was good!

Rowan’s friend Dee was so cute too! She was outspoken and all what Rowan was not! Somewhat of a cheerleader who sleeps around and doesn’t really care about a relationship but also an awesome friend! She was not a bi*** and was ready to do anything for Rowan! I liked her bubly personality and her funny side. She was quite loud but not enough to be annoying. The bandmates were also perfect! They were like brothers and even though I wanted to know more about Adam and Rowan’s growing relationship, I didn’t mind the interactions with the band. They were likeable and funny too!

If you are looking for a light and funny love story to read for the summer, this one is good!

Enjoy guys!